You Do the Math

THIS is a sort of “YOU do the math” POST — ALONG with a “wish I saw this when I was thinking about it” kinda post! ——It’s a little long but my PASSION is overflowing and its worth reading…

GOSH, I used to be the type of girl who had VISION but was too scared to take action. NOTHING to do with anyone IN my life or circumstances that happened to me BUT EVERYTHING to do with how I reacted to things, my SHORT SIGHTED perspective and my willingness to BLAME all the factors AROUND ME instead of taking care of it myself!

When I first heard of this company and heard that the investment was in my health ONLY (the $40 coach fee was waived—I thought, WOAH… Ryan and I are up to our eyeballs in debt, we cant even afford a summer vacation out LET ALONE a $120 program for my health & fitness. UNTIL, I saw a post from my coach about WHAT that investment turned into. ABOUT HOW when an unexpected LIFE thing happened SHE didn’t have to think what to pay and what NOT to pay anymore. AND THEN the perspective started to SEAP into my head. Because you see I was NEVER thinking like a “GIRL BOSS” I was never thinking like a successful person. I was thinking like an early 30-something who wanted what she wanted NOW. With no real vision of WHERE I wanted to be in 2- 5 years from then.

I talk to women every single day who say the SAME THINGS I said in the beginning. The program is too much, I don’t have the time, We can’t afford it, My husband doesn’t think its for me, etc. AND I INSTANTLY GET SAD. Like LIFE doesnt have to be lived that way. THIS ONE CHANCE WE GET doesn’t have to be under restriction all the time. YOU DONT HAVE to be wondering if there is more. YEAH, sure it will take WORK WERK and WERQ but whats the alternative? You keep wondering, keep being only a few hundred away from the limit on your CC praying your car doesn’t break down or your A/C doesn’t go out? AND MORE IMPORTANTLY that you feel like you aren’t making a difference or moving toward your own goals and future every day.

THAT’S ALL DIFFERENT NOW because of a REFUNDABLE, I WOULD HAVE DONE IT ANYWAY purchase of a workout program THAT IS STILL WORKING FOR ME 7 years later.

I’ve been doing this little business from HOME for 7 years now NOT EVEN TEN YEARS YET and I have made my investment of $120 for superfood shake and a workout program back over 8,772 times. YOU can do the MATH on that one. ——- $120 x 8,772.——– NOW MOST business owners can only hope that this happens MAYBE in the first 10 years IF that even means profit. NOW THAT is freaking MIND BLOWING. So when people say they can’t IT FIRES ME UPPPPPP. Because in reality, you cant afford NOT to have this perspective. SO I am speaking to those BEFORE Dara’s — Let me help you change your perspective!

Now including this because NOTHING comes EASY, its not a quick fix, its changing lives and your own ONE DAY at a time –Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.



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