You Can Enjoy Wine and Pizza and Still See Results!

Have you been wondering what I’ve been up to?

Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered!

Here are the questions I’ve been getting the most this week…

  • What’s this program you’ve been doing?
    • The program I’ve been doing is called HIIT Training which combines strength and high-intensity interval training. This program isolates and targets each muscle group, including your core to get you shredded! It’s a challenging workout but includes simple moves.
  • How many days/week do I need to workout?
    • You’ll be working out 4 days a week, 30-40 minutes a day! This means you will get 3 days off per week to enjoy the last of summer and spend time outside!
  • Who can do this program?
    • This program was designed for women looking to tone up and get a sculpted body & for someone who gets bored doing the same routines and who doesn’t have a lot of time!
  • How will I be supported?
    • You will have a TON of support in this program! You’ll have me to help hold you accountable in an exclusive FB group, a community of women to support you and who will be doing the journey with you, you’ll have a personal trainer as well as nutritional guidance along the way!
  • Can I still drink wine and eat pizza?
    • My favorite question of ALL! YES! This program has a built-in cheat day so you can still enjoy the summer and LIVE! That is my favorite part of this program!

If this program sounds like it was made for you {**which I guarantee you it was if you’re looking balance}, drop an emoji and let’s get started!



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