Who’s Coming With Me?

I have the MOST exciting news!

I have been selected to be a part of our NEW program test group w/ this trainer!! But here is what is even MORE exciting, I can take a few of YOU with me!

You will never do the same workout twice. You won’t get bored, that’s guaranteed! You will experience so many positive changes — inside and out.

This program is designed to lift and tighten your booty while shredding your core. Timed nutrition to take the guesswork out of what and when to eat to maximize your results. More than that, we will work on overcoming obstacles, self love and healthy habits that will take you far beyond this new program!

Are you ready to buckle down and get serious about your health & fitness goals in 2018?

If you are serious, fill out this application (cannot be working with another coach) –> http://bit.ly/2ACGXqU 

Comment below and tell me, how much weight you would like to lose in the New Year:

  1. 5-10 pounds
  2. 10-20 lbs
  3. 20-30 lbs
  4. 30-40 lbs
  5. 40+ lbs
  6. I’m good on the weight loss, I want Gains Baby!
  7. I want to tone up



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