What If?

What if today you turned off the noise?

What if you turned off the self doubt, the fears, the negativity, the opinions you have of yourself, the opinions of others, the things that don’t bring you happiness & simply focused on all the things that are right in your world? After all, what you focus on E X P A N D S.

Decide right now that you’re breaking the chains of that baggage & noise — listen to that inner voice that knows you’re meant for more. Give that energy today.

I have been getting a lot of questions around what I do as a coach, so I wanted to break it down…

  • I work on myself- through workouts, clean eating and personal growth — through this I’m better able to help those around me. (When mama is happy & healthy so is everyone else).
  • I build others up. I encourage & support women in my private groups and via messages.
  • I make friends online (yeah, it’s how we do in 2017!). I connect with other women & get to know them.
  • I help others tap into their god given talents and potential. I help others see there is so much to life, we should be enjoying it!

I do this in between time spent with this guy, his sister and his dad. Mostly in yoga pants from the couch!

See? It’s not that scary, is it? If you’re interested in learning even more, email me at daradistel@yahoo.com, or shoot me a message on my Facebook page!



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