Took a trip down memory lane recently…

That’s a picture of the corner office I always dreamed of.

NOW, I have an “office” that travels with me, my hubby, our kids & parents.

I didn’t have a dream as a little girl to become the CEO of my own fitness biz. I never imagined I’d swap heels for Nikes… or trade the boardroom for my living room. But sometimes God’s plan is bigger than our own.

I believe He knows our potential long before we do. He knows our deeper calling and why we are here… and guides us. Sometimes we don’t pay attention to the signs. Sometimes we do. This time I did.

I remember clicking that button & holding my breath. And the quote: “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” rang through me & awakened my soul. If this skeptic can change, anyone can.

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