Tinder for Fit Chicks

They should have a Tinder for fit chicks.. like, “hey girl, wanna lift, meal prep, eat peanut butter out of the jar and film my leg day?!” Now that I think about that, that’s what I have found!

When I worked full time, there wasn’t an opportunity to make new mamas friends. By the time I got home from work, I squeezed whatever time I had with my daughter before bedtime. Ryan worked swing shifts so the only full day we got together was Saturday’s. There was really NO opportunity or desire to get out and meet anyone new, I was trying to keep my family and marriage alive–ya know, like survival mode. 

I’ve met my best friends right here on Facebook!! We workout, swap meal plans, & recipes, cheer each other on & dream big together EVERY single day & we actually get together a few times a year (more like 6-8)! Speaking of, we will be in Cancun next month! Social media did that! This coaching thing brought me my besties! 

We are always open arms to link up with other like minded mamas, you know where to find me!



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