This Is Your SIGN!

I never thought I would have TIME to start my own business. Heck, I was already working full time, I was a brand new mama & my hubby worked nights & weekends. I couldn’t imagine squeezing anything else into my already hectic life.

But I realized in starting MY own business, I MADE my hours. So I worked this side hustle passion of mine VERY part time. Before work, on lunch breaks, after Cienna went to bed, and because I was so driven by our future, it didn’t feel like a 2nd job. I was inspired & motivated every day by the vision of one day being at home raising our children and then eventually bringing my hubby home from a job that made him miserable.

I worked this biz part time until it became my full time jam. 2 years in, I resigned from my full time research manager position and a year later, my hubby resigned from his. We had fully retired from the 8-5 grind.

No more need for daycare & missing out on time with my loves. Like today’s workout with my baby girl (who’s not so baby anymore).
No more stressing about our bills and future savings
No need to do this alone, I had an entire community of like-minded women that could support and guide me through this process because they had done it themselves.

Instead of putting my needs last, I decided it was time to make a change and seek what I REALLY wanted and I haven’t looked back since!

So if your intuition is going off because you’ve been thinking about doing something that is more aligned with your goals and you’ve been WAITING for someone to tell you it’s possible, this is your sign! Email me at and I’ll shoot you a message!



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