Stuck in a Plateau?

It can be SO frustrating!

Here are my top 3 tips to bust through it & continue to crush your fitness goals!

1. Track what you’re eating.

Use My Fitness Pal or my fav, the 21 Day Fix containers or app to get an accurate snapshot of what you’re eating. You will need to burn more than you consume to lose weight — healthy weight loss per week is about 2lbs & the true way to measure is by tracking every bite!

2. As you get closer to your goals, the harder it will be to lose weight.

Especially for women — our bodies want to hold on to the last 5-10lbs & our natural response is to cut calories. But that’s counterproductive — you will want to increase your calories. Try adding a small meal or a few snacks in each day (clean calories) and watch the lbs drop.

3. Switch up your workout routine!

When’s the last time you did burpees? Or tuck jumps? Or if you’re a lifter, when’s the last time you did drop sets or giant sets. Our bodies love to stay comfortable. Shock those muscles every few weeks to produce change.

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