Some Helpful Advice…

A few catch phrases that have helped me along the way:

2lbs at a time! This was my motto since the beginning. If you narrow your focus, focus on 2lbs af a time, you’ll succeed! And.. You will want to keep going! Then you move onto the next 2. For me, setting a big goal to lose 50lbs was too overwhelming. When the end goal seems to far out of reach, it’s easy to get frustrated and want to quit. 2lbs at a time.

Dinner & Done. Once dinner is done, close the kitchen! (My 7yr old even made a “kitchen closed sign”). Eating after dinner serves no purpose. Most times it’s a habit, but we don’t REALLY need it. If you’re eating a nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner, and maybe a snack in between, you don’t need anything after dinner. Ull have water or hot tea – think: more productive, and less destructive.

What are your best tips or catch phrases that have helped you live healthier and happier? I want to know! Email me at and let’s chat!



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