Rock the Black Dress this New Year’s!

It took me much longer to get down to pre-baby weight after baby #2. I was stuck for almost a year! After I was done nursing, I was ready to jump into our 3-day all natural plant based cleanse and bust through that plateau!

Round 1 of our 3-day cleanse I did in October. After the summer fun, vacations, BBQ’s .. etc.. My body needed a reset! Also, I knew the holidays were around the corner, so I didn’t want to wait.

I felt sooo good, after round 1 I kept going! Even through Halloween. Frankly as my taste buds adjusted and because I felt so good, crappy food didn’t even appeal to me!

Then Vegas, my birthday and Thanksgiving came! {It never really does end, does it?}

—> Insert Round 2!

To me this is WAY more than the # on the scale. This is feeling confident. This is self control. This is food not having control over me. This is me being a woman of my word and finishing something I started (something I had issues with before becoming a coach).

I feel SOO GOOD. I feel strong (although I am hungry this morning but whats new, hahaa) & I feel proud that all through my in laws visiting this week and being around burgers, cookies, loaded baked potatoes, etc. I kept going. I am still going.

Interested in a jumpstart on your goals to go into 2018 feeling confident and in control? Rock a little black dress for new year’s eve party? Ditch any lingering holiday bloat and get back on track?

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