Are You Ready to Transform Your Life?


I’m looking passionate women that want to transform their lives and help others improve their health and fitness, while finding financial and personal freedoms!

  • Are you wishing for more time with your family and want personal freedoms?
  • Do you value time with your kids, but still LOVE to work and being a part of community?
  • Do you wish you could be that lady that worked from home successfully and earned a contributing income?

What if I could show you path to find happiness, while feeling personally fulfilled and helpful to others? I am looking for strong women who are READY for a change, want to live healthier, get in amazing shape, and want to earn some money doing it! You don’t need to be business savvy, have a college degree or even be outgoing.

You just need to be willing to learn, get outside of your comfort zone and be coachable.

If this speaks to YOU or if you know someone who would benefit from something like this, email me at and I will get back to your right away! I cannot wait to hear from you!


4 comments on “Are You Ready to Transform Your Life?

  1. Kennetha Hunt on

    Good evening, I am a 44 year old nurse with three grown boys who let herself go over the years but decided a year ago to take care of myself. It has been almost a year but now I’m struggling with staying committed after losing about 60 pounds but have gained some of that back. My youngest is graduating this coming year and I would love to continue my journey but need some new motivation.

    • coach on

      HI Kennetha! Congrats on the progress you have made in your journey! We all need motivation, especially when life gets busy, a reminder that our health should be a priority & that is why I run these accountability groups! I sent you an email đŸ™‚


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