Ready to Ditch the Holiday Bloat?

I hope you had a GREAT Thanksgiving, mamas!

We did! Lots of family, food and fun!

I’m ready to get back at it! I just started another round of our 3-Day plant based cleanse. Last time (I did this about a month ago), I ditched bloat, unhealthy food habits, sluggishness, my tight jeans, inches & pounds… I lost OVER 4lbs!! I felt SO GOOD, I kept going! After the 3 days I continued on with our whole food clean eating plan & 30min workouts, and lost a few more lbs! This is a lifestyle so you’ll be equipped to keep going, too!!

The cleanse is 3 days: short & sweet!! The plan is laid out for you: whole foods, superfoods shake, fiber & lotsa water!!

Ready to ditch the holidays with me?!

The new year is coming.. let’s go into 2018 feeling confident, energetic, healthier, lighter, leaner, in control of food choices, we start now!!

Interested?! Email me at and I’ll send you the details!!



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