OOSOM, Out of Sight, Out of Mind


The holidays can be a very emotional time–in very positive ways but can also can be downright overwhelming: expectations, traveling, hosting and attending parties, thinking about the new year, setting goals & resolutions, etc… and food. LOTS of FOOD!

My tip for you: out of sight, out of mind. Be choosy when you follow people on social or in your environment. Follow accounts that empower you to feel good and make good choices. Because: out of sight, out of mind. OR on the flip side: In sight, in stomach. Instead of watching the Food Network or following accounts that share all of those savory and decadent meals, follow accounts/people that share short workouts that can be done anywhere, post healthier alternatives for your favorite dishes, post tips to overcome emotional eating this holiday season, etc. (follow me on Instagram for daily tips: https://www.instagram.com/mamaswithmuscles/

My next tip: its the week before a one of our biggest holidays, use this week to eat whole foods, the ones that make you FEEL your BEST. Drink LOTS of water, give your workouts your VERY BEST. If you are looking for short workouts, try this short and fun 20 minute workout: Transform: 20 Free Preview

And, most importantly, take a little time for you during the holiday hustle: listen to an uplifting podcast, take a bubble bath, sit in your car alone for 10 mins (you mamas know what I am talkin’ about), get your hair washed with a blow out, get a pedi, take a short nap, do things you CAN control! Think MORE productive, LESS destructive.

Next week, YES, indulge and enjoy, while keeping in mind the reason for the season  I plan to enjoy our usual Christmas Mexican themed dinner next Tuesday–that will be a special meal that I plan to enjoy FULLY with my loved ones!

What is your favorite holiday meal? Post below in the comments!

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