Now is the Time to Do Something DIFFERENT!

I was living in a world where I was doing everything “right” but it felt SO WRONG. I hit rock bottom and yet it was everything I had THOUGHT I ever wanted. It was that false reality of thinking I needed to graduate from college, get a “good paying job”, buy a house with a white picket fence, buy a car, pay my bills, have kids and then die. That’s what I’d created and I was miserable. The North American recipe for happiness wasn’t a recipe for success for me.

I had forgotten that there were opportunities that “normal” people didn’t pursue. That there was a life that you could design, doing something you loved and being able to literally design your life the way YOU see fit.

Well, today I sit here living a very different life. I don’t report to anyone. I don’t have to ask for time off. I don’t have anxiety about who didn’t do their job or who didn’t hit their sales goals. I don’t have to deal with any bosses. And freedom and flexibility is the name of THIS game. 

But the real reason I share this is that I am you.

A regular girl who decided to go for it (doubts and fears in tact). And I assume you’re still reading because this story strikes a chord deep within you. Because maybe deep down, you want this type of change in your life and you’re searching for someone to give you hope that it is possible for you too (and I can assume you IT is. If I can do it, so CAN you).

So if you’ve been thinking about doing SOMETHING DIFFERENT in your life but you just don’t know where to start {** and you’re looking for a regular girl that started from the BOTTOM to show you how}, let me help and I’ll tell you more about my story. Email me at and let’s chat!



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