We are NOT Waiting for a New Year!

Raise your hand if you’d love to lose 15-20 pounds BEFORE before the holidays?!?

I’m looking for 10 women who are ready to feel their best inside and out. We aren’t waiting for a new year.

I’m looking for women who are ready now. Yes, you do have to invest in yourself but man, isn’t a healthier, happier lifestyle with total body transformation worth it?

100% YESSS.

You are worth it.

You’ll get back to learning how to love yourself right where you are, while working on getting to where you want to be: confident, rocking whatever you want to wear, proud & most of all happy.

If you’re tired of being tired, tired of feeling defeated or wanting to do something about it but just not taking action, if you have a hard time staying motivated, if you feel you have lost control with food or simply need accountability and/or to bust through a plateau yet need a simple plan to follow where you don’t feel deprived…


Email me at daradistel@yahoo.com & I’ll message you info on my Fall Fit Body Bootcamp now open for registration.