This is Not a 3 Week Transformation…

This is not a 3 week transformation, this is not an 80 day transformation.

This is a 3 year transformation.

3 years of never giving up on herself.

Did Christina have days where her nutrition wasn’t perfect? Absolutely.
Did she have days where she didn’t want to workout? Sure thing.
Did she have many other ups and downs on this journey? Yep.
But the one thing she didn’t do was quit.
She believed in herself and what is possible.

Check out what Christina had to say about her transformation:

“Today after AAA I felt compelled to share my very first “before” with a current! It’s been just shy of 3 years since I was introduced to Beachbody On Demand, those color coded containers and my very best frienemy Autumn Calabrese. I cussed and cried my way through several rounds of 21DF, I yelled at Autumn and laughed at Sagi in H&C, stepped up my swear words with fix extreme and that damn band, did some big belly hillbilly dancing to Country Heat with my third pregnancy, and started and finished many more programs between those!

I wanted to give up, I failed more times than I can count, I lived in the moment and slacked on nutrition, but I NEVER gave up on me! I hope this will inspire someone in here to stay with it ESPECIALLY when you think it’s not working because I’m proof that YOU CAN DO IT and it damn sure will be worth all the effort, struggles, failures, tears, emotions and triumphs you’ll have along the way!

Also this is likely to be the only way I can appropriately thank this incredible lady who’s leading us on this journey with a chance she may see how much she’s changed EVERY facet of my life. I’ve turned from the habitual quitter to the mommy of 3 studying for her CPT because of the passion you’ve put into my soul. Thank you”

Ready to try again like Christina, myself and the thousands of others who refuse to quit?? Email me-!



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