What Does Monday Look Like for You?

December 2013:

Monday routine
5:30am alarm, hit snooze, hit snooze again. Again. Rush through the morning, stressed and depressed.. drop Cienna off at daycare she’s bawling, I’m bawling.
7:30am commute to work an 8-hour day.

December 2017:

Monday routine
5:30am wake up call b/c I have two choices: continuing chasing my dreams in my sleep or wake up and make ‘em happen.

6:30am: snuggle Cienna while she’s eating breakfast, talk about her day and what a positive attitude will bring her.. today and always.

7am: I jump into my workout & becoming my best self. #selfcare

I take little breaks to check on her while daddy is brushing the knots out of her hair. (This is never fun for anyone).

She comes in to say bye & I get to see her and daddy off.

8am: Finish my workout & spend the day with my boys.

I like THIS Monday much better.

You don’t find your dream job. You create it.

If you’re ready to make 2018 the year EVERYTHING changes, let’s talk. Comment below and tell me what your ideal Monday looks like. Together we can get you everything you always dreamed of.



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