Miss My Kids’ First Steps? No Way!

Before you, I was climbing the corporate ladder.
Now, we climb the jungle gym.

Before kids, I wanted to be the successful corporate working woman. I went to school, landed a job and planned on working my way up. It all changed when I realized someone else was going to be seeing my kids take their 1st steps, say their 1st words & be the ones to hug them at drop off and pickup.

I had to make changes. I decided if I was going to do something different, I was still going to pursue my passion to help others, but I was going to do something that made me a better woman, wife and mama. I think I was used to putting myself and my happiness at the bottom of my list – I forgot how to be happy. 

So sure, I want to pull my hair out some days + building a biz of your own isn’t always a cake walk, but it’s OUR business. This is our future and legacy. And most of all, I get to be here for my babies. (Not just me, but my hubby too). Because one day our kids will be off on their own, so for now I will be right here.

The thing I want you to know is that all of this is possible for YOU TOO! There is nothing special about my story, except that I decided to go for it. If you’re curious to learn more about what I do, drop me an email at daradistel@yahoo.com and I’ll send you a msg!



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