5 Healthy Habits to Model for Your Daughter

Have a daughter between the ages of 6 and 14?! If so, read below!

The day my world changed was when this sweet girl was born. I realized my choices didn’t just impact me. I now had a set of eyes watching me, and as she’s grown older, I realize just how much she’s watching because she emulates me.

I’m blessed to be her mama & to have the bond we have. I hope through the years that bond only grows stronger.

There are things I hope to pass along to her that I’ve only recently embraced as an adult: living healthy, having confidence and self respect.

—> Healthy eating can be colorful and tasty.
—> Working out can be fun & make you feel great.

—> Treat yourself and others with kindness
—> Respect your body
—> Encourage others to do the same

Because I know this is something many of us mamas want for our daughters — for the month of November, I’m opening up a private community with moms & daughters (ages 6-14) where we focus on just that! We will be right alongside each other while being our very best example!

If you are interested in more details, email me at daradistel@yahoo.com and I’ll get back to you ASAP.



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