Let’s Talk Portion Sizes

Let’s talk portions!!!

Why measure?! Well for one, if I eyeballed my peanut butter servings, there would be no limit to what my eyes & heart would see!

But, let’s break it down. The spoon on the left is what I “think” a serving would be. The right is an actual measured serving. (Teaspoon)

The left spoon is almost 3 times more than the right. Okay, one time, that’s only 60 extra calories. But over a week of eyeballing, that’s an additional 420 calories. Over a month span, that’s 1,600 calories. Over a year it’s 16,000 which can lead to gaining 6lbs a year just in the overconsumption of PB!!!

Yes, as sad as it is, you can overdo PB!

Curious, do you measure / portion out your meals? If not, do you think you’re over consuming or under consuming?



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