Katie, SAHM of 2 boys

When I started as an online fitness coach, I had no clue what exactly I was getting into. I knew I loved Insanity, I loved fitness, I knew I was a new mom who left her job as a health & wellness director to raise her new baby boy. I knew I wanted something for myself and something to keep me accountable to lose the baby weight. When my husband and I found out we were expecting, my husband and I chatted and decided I would quit my job after maternity leave and would be a stay at home mom. I didn’t start coaching for the financial aspect, I actually had NO idea about the financial opportunity that laid before me.

About a month after I had my son, I started doing my Insanity program and started to see my progress, and my energy levels rising — even though I was an exhausted new mom. Through my journey of Insanity, I was reminded how much fitness and exercise can change your mood, your life, your day….and I missed experiencing that with other people! I missed interacting with others and helping others reach their goals, but I knew I couldn’t leave my baby to go to work everyday. I just couldn’t do it. My answer was right in front of me, online fitness coaching….I connected with my amazing coach and asked her how I could get started doing what she was doing. How could I inspire other mom’s, coach other new moms to put themselves first for a few moments every day? How could I do what she did? She told me exactly what I needed to do and I have taken her advice since day 1. And I haven’t looked back.

Two years later and I have more than doubled what I made when I was working with a Masters degree 40+ hours a week….and I work half the time: on my time! I am working from home, I am staying home with our 2 little boys, I can pay the mortgage and bills with one weekly paycheck, we are paying down debt, we are able to enroll the boys in any extracurricular activities we would like to, we are able to take vacations (even spur of the moment if we want), and we will be building our dream home in the next year or two. I am so thankful that I have this opportunity that helps us do the extras, plan for our future and on top of it all….I am doing something I love. Something I look forward to do every day. I sit back and think, I just built a six figure business from my kitchen table!

I have no regrets, only that I started sooner! I have gained new confidence, new friendships, growth and tools to continue living a healthier life (both physically and financially!).

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