Is This Your Sign?

Seriously on cloud 9!!

When I started this biz, it was just me. A mama who wanted to be & do better in life … and help a few ppl along the way.

For real. I went through a LOT of schooling & student loan debt.. to land a career helping people.

Problem was, after I graduated, the economy tanked & I couldn’t find a job.

When I finally did, my husband & I decided to start a family… on one income, mine. Which was not enough to raise a family. Even with a master’s degree.

My hubby got a job on a swing shift schedule. He came home when the baby and I were sleeping & I left when he was sleeping. Romantic newlywed story.

Stresses high, fights about finances, debt piling up, he was miserable in a job he hated, I was lonely.

One day I had it. I was fed up having a victim mentality & feeling sorry for myself. I was sick and tired of never getting ahead — merely getting by. I decided to do something about it. And Mamas With Muscles was born.

I found something that allowed me to become a better woman with more self confidence, a positive outlook on life again, excited about the future, setting goals & dreaming big, and a belief that I didn’t need to settle. There is another way.

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. It’s hard. But it’s rewarding beyond measure.

Debt, gone. Full time desk jobs working for a boss, gone. Waiting for a boss or the economy to change things for my family, gone. Spending our days apart, gone. Someone else raising our kids, gone.

But here’s why I’m excited … success in this biz isn’t reserved for just me. One of the mamabosses on our team recently leveled up & crushed life goals! A mom of 3 (under 4yo) & dear friend hit a milestone and achievement in her fitness biz not many do. And is earning 6 figures doing this little coaching thing. BUT, not just her. So many on our team are having huge success.

Maybe this is what you’re looking for? Maybe this is your sign. Maybe it’s your time.

Think in just weeks, everyone will be setting resolutions to get in shape & have more time & money for the things they love. Maybe that’s you?

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