I’m Sorry

Do you ever wish you could go back and say sorry?! I wish I could say sorry for doubting these workouts + my daily superfoods shake. Sorry to my long time friend who never gave up on me. And sorry to myself for not believing in me.

I was so skeptical. I mean, so skeptical I said no for an entire year. Sitting back watching others get the results and confidence I wanted… but too stuck in my own old, tired ways.

I had alllll the excuses! I don’t have time but scrolled FB all day. I don’t have the money. But would eat out lunch almost every day at work. I don’t need a shake — I eat my food (but would drink 600 calories in 15 mins at Starbucks). 

I was so tired though. So tired of my own excuses. I was tired of yo yo dieting, I was tired of not loving myself or my body. I was sick of feeling stuck. 

One day just like that.. I DID IT! I had nothing to lose, well a negative attitude, unwanted pounds and inches, and so much to gain!!

And if I wasn’t happy with any of the above; I got my money back! I was literally out of excuses why I couldn’t and only had a million reasons why I could and should!

Mama, if you are ready, I’m here!! Let me show you how! Email me at daradistel@yahoo.com.



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