I Never Believed I Could AFFORD to Feel My BEST

Let’s face it…

I didn’t have the money for a personal trainer (**isn’t that how everyone REALLY gets fit?).I didn’t have $50 to spend per month on a gym membership and then NEVER go (**that’s what always happened).

And I have spouse that wasn’t crazy about me spending money on another “diet” (**he had seen me spend money on Weight Watchers, Herbal Magic, Dr. Bernstein, etc without lasting results).

No money I’d ever spent REALLY worked in the long term. And then something COMPLETELY shifted my mindset. I realized it wasn’t the money that was ACTUALLY the root cause of my failures (**solution cost money) but it was my approach to HOW I was spending my money that was the issue…

I would spend money freely on eating out, alcohol and coffee which was actually adding up to over $80 per week!! (Which was actually more than enough to cover my at home gym equipment, virtual gym membership for a year, a personal accountability coach and my supplements!).

I was too focused on PAYING for a quick fix to lose weight (**which was never maintainable) when what I really needed was a new lifestyle. Quick fixes are expensive and they NEVER LAST so I needed to find something that would actually TEACH me how to maintain lasting results.

I was always getting bored with one gym membership and would end up paying an expensive cancellation fee to get out of it! With ALL the variety I get with my virtual gym membership, I would need 5 GYM memberships to get the same variety!! (**I can dance, do yoga, weight training, nutrition programs, etc). VARIETY = WINNING & LONGEVITY.

Instead of BELIEVING feeling my best was TOO EXPENSIVE, I found a SOLUTION that provided a TON of VALUE and EVEN got my husband working out with me too!! (**It’s really about RE-ALLOCATION & not spending money on things that weren’t aligning with my goals).

I’m excited to share my journey and if your radar is going OFF because you’ve been WAITING for something EXACTLY like this, email me at daradistel@yahoo.com and we’ll get you started ASAP!


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