I Lived Off of Fast Food and Drank Every Weekend

When I graduated college, I had so many emotions. All of a sudden, everything I worked for was here. KINDA. I was entering the REAL WORLD.

One part of me was ready. I had huge student loans looming over me, I had been a student for 24 years, I was ready to start a career and make money! I was ready to create my life. The life I had envisioned.

Another part of me, was scared, b/c looking back, class was easy. Having a syllabus to follow was easy. Entering the real world w/ no road map or professor telling me what to do felt really uncomfortable.

I lived off of fast food at midnight and drank every weekend. Now I had to look for a job and set an alarm and be an adult.

I had big dreams that the world hadn’t sucked out of me (yet). Then I entered the work force and had a huge wake up call.

I wanted to grow up so fast — now looking back I wish I would have taken advantage of my youth and my time.

I feel like I’ve gotten a redo. But better. I feel more alive, more playful and more dreamy than I’ve ever been.

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been or where you are, it’s never too late. If you’ve decided now is the time, I’m here to help you live the life you’ve always dreamed about. I’m just an email away, mama: daradistel@yahoo.com.



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