I Know What Suffering Feels Like

Unfiltered, no make-up, post sweat I feel prettiest.

But can I be honest? In my mind, it sounds so self absorbed to say that. It’s uncomfortable to type this out to the world. But as a social media influencer and mom to two, I want them/ you to know that happiness is an inside job. So is love.

As a little girl, I had these big dreams and aspirations and then life came along and knocked me down, and my dreams started to fade, and fade some more .. which led to my confidence & hope fading along too.

As my confidence was shrinking, my fears grew & started to take over in my life. I got comfortable settling for a life I didn’t love. I went through a bout of depression. So I had two choices: continue to suffer or make a change.

I knew what suffering felt like long enough. I made a change & took back control of my situation to pursue something I love. This change made me a more loving, confident and happier mama, wife, friend, sister and coach.

I remember all the years I spent/wasted hating my face, my body, my eyes, my hair. I was so unhappy.

I found a healthier outlet for my feelings through health & fitness & community. Every day I become stronger & more convicted in my love for myself. Sure, I still have my days & insecure moments, I have to work at it just like any relationship.

Don’t apologize for making yourself a priority and doing things that bring you happiness, mama. NEVER GIVE UP on YOUR DREAMS, mamas. You can do anything!

Comment below and tell me- If fear were not a factor, what would you be doing with your life? I want to hear from you!



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