Have You Seen this Woman?

Have you seen this woman?!

Here is a brief description:

– She wishes she could travel more, but puts it on the back-burner because of finances & kids.

– She wants to feel comfortable & confident again after kids!

– She is ready to work on herself and her fitness as she realizes she’s the best project she will ever work on!

– She’s a hard-worker & self-motivated, but also coachable!

– She wants to stay at home, but also needs purpose beyond herself and her family.

– She’s OBSESSED with dreaming of a limitless future!

– She loves growing and moving forward!

– She comes from a challenging upbringing but has decided she will break the chains!

– She has a fear of failure, but is realizing that she is suffocating her potential by not taking any risks.

– She thought she’d be further along than she is now and is tired of just going through the motions! She wants to THRIVE!

– She dreams of her husband being home so that he could be more present with her & the kids!

– She is READY to go ALL IN and take MASSIVE ACTION towards becoming ALL that she KNOWS in her heart she can be!

YES — THAT is who I am looking for!!! Do you know her?! Are YOU her?!?!?!

I am going to be selecting a few women who match the description above to take under my wing and mentor in running their very own coaching business. This person cannot be a CURRENT coach. This is for new or re-enrolling coaches ONLY.

Email me at daradistel@yahoo.com to let me know you’re interested and I will get right back to you. Let’s get started!



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