Have You Heard This Rumor?

RUMOR: It’s better to start a healthy routine/program after the holidays.

TRUTH: Holiday weight gain takes up to 5 months to lose!

A recent study by Cornell University reported those who went on a diet or plan after the holidays found it took more than 5 months to get back to their pre-holiday weight.

My question is: why wait to make your health a priority? Why put yourself 5 months further away from the body you want?

Here’s ANOTHER rockstar mom who just finished my newest program, 80 Day Obsession, test group

Ashley is a mom of TWO under TWO and over the last 3 months has lost 13 lbs and 13 inches

Yep this crazy busy mom dropped all her excuses, grabbed her kids, and made this transformation happen at home. Ashley…

– completed her workouts each day, from home, with her babies by her side.
– followed a clean eating meal plan that the entire family ate.
– drank her superfoods shake which allowed her to lose the weight safely while breastfeeding.
– was part of an accountability group full of moms supporting moms on their postpartum journeys.

You don’t need to be perfect, you just need to decide to start. Because together, with an incredible community of moms to support you, we can reach our goals together.

If you are interested in more details on my 80 Day Obsession program and how we can start your journey now, fill out my application here>>> https://www.teammamaswithmuscles.com/start-your-transforma…/

We all deserve to feel as confident and happy as Ashley, right?!



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