Goal Weight: Strong AF

Goal weight: strong AF. To carry groceries and my barefoot babes at the same time.

Midday grocery stops for build your own nachos is how we party on a Tuesday afternoon.

This wasn’t always our normal. I worked a full time 9-5 pregnant with my first while my husband worked swing shifts, 3pm-midnight … while I built my online coaching biz on the side. I had a vision to no longer be tied down to a 9-5 so I could be fully hands on and present with my beautiful babies. My goal was to be right here by the time we had our little rainbow baby, Ryder. Just like this.

Through many sacrifices, I can say we’ve built the future we always wanted.

  • I don’t have to leave my daughter’s tears to go to work 
  • I don’t have to worry about finances 
  • We don’t have to ask for time off or vacation 
  • I can be there for school drop off, field trips and first steps. 
  • My husband and I aren’t strangers passing in the night anymore. We’re both home raising our babies.

Comment below and tell me- if you could change one thing about your life RIGHT NOW, what would it be?

It’s my purpose to share what’s led us here. I’m taking a small group of women under my wing to mentor to their goals. 

Requirements: loves fitness + food, putting your own wellness at the forefront and as a means to help others! Must be ready to grow and have fun! You don’t need to know everything now, I’ll teach you how to be successful!! 

If that’s you, email me at daradistel@yahoo.com!



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