A Girl Could Get Used to This!

A dozen long stemmed white roses delivered to my doorstep… a congrats on being 4x Elite team. An accomplishment achieved by 122 others out of 450,000+..

I remember I was sooo skeptical about this biz, so much that it took me an entire year of shooting down my longtime college bestie, no after no.

I didn’t have the money. I didn’t have the time. I didn’t have a degree or background in fitness. Shoot, I couldn’t even stay committed to my own fitness for more than a few weeks. I lacked confidence. The list was long.

But I did have one thing: a desire to change. I was tired of letting life happen to me. I was sick of missing out on my family & day to day memories. I felt uninspired at my desk job. My marriage was on the rocks & our debt was climbing. There was no end in sight.

As much as I was afraid to fail or try something new, completely outside of my comfort zone, I was more afraid of being in the same unhappy place, year after year.

So I went for it. I started my own business. A shy introvert with no social media skills, no team, no clue what I was doing.

But… I figured it out. And… I didn’t quit. Here we are a 4x repeat elite, superstar team! This is for you, mamas with muscles!

What is the life achievement you’re most proud of? Post below or email me.



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