I Felt Like I Had to Choose

I’ve always had this internal struggle since I got pregnant with my Cienna.

I desperately wanted be the kind of woman who was successful, HOWEVER I also wanted to be the kind of woman who was there with her family, raising her babies. In the “traditional” world, I had to give up one or the other.

I was surrounded by strong, independent, leading ladies. My mom (and dad) worked long and hard to support my brother & me. Because my parents worked long hours, I spent a lot of time with my grandma who taught me so much about strength & family. 

I always had this idea, “I want to be a career woman, have something of my own and never rely on the support of anyone else” so I tried pursuing other careers BUT I was left without family time.

UNTIL I found this opportunity. It molded THE BEST of those two parts of my heart together. I get to build an EMPIRE from my home on my own schedule WITH MY FAMILY. Yes, in the beginning I had to sacrifice extra time to get things going, but this opportunity lets me be there for the small moments that mean so much to me, BUT ALSO fulfill my dream of having a successful career (that I LOVE).

What they DON’T tell you when you become a coach is the possibility with this is so enormous that it can bring up a DREAM that would never have been possible with those conventional ways. Not only do I get to be home with our two babes every day, but so does Ryan, my hubby. 

SO MANY WOMEN struggle to find this balance. The answer isn’t complicated and it is NOT something to give up! And I owe everything to closing my eyes and leaping. 

Women CAN have the best of BOTH worlds – and I’m committed to helping them see that.

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity like this, let’s chat! Email me at daradistel@yahoo.com and I’ll get back to you right away!



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