Faith Believes in a Future that Hasn’t Happened Yet

A little fun fact. Did you know I never took selfies or recorded videos? Never. I am introvert who shied away from the camera ALL of the time. I still catch myself doing that—but have come so far in the last 7yrs. In fact, my biz is built on selfies.
I let fear win for so long — now I regret that. When my kids want to look back at pictures, there aren’t many. In one of our leaders groups,they asked us to post a side by side — when we started coaching VS today, there were none in my phone. 
I didn’t think I had a story. I didn’t think anyone wanted to hear or cared. But the truth is, I’ve helped thousands and thousands of mamas by being ME. It was a slow process, but I became more vulnerable, I realized I didn’t need to be anyone else but me, I started sharing my perfectly imperfect life so I could truly live my BEST life! 
Fear and faith both believe in a future that hasn’t happened yet so why don’t we lean into faith?! Let faith guide you to where you’re meant to be. 
Mama, there is no one else out there like you. No one. And you have such unique gifts to offer to this world.  Don’t hold them back! Comment below and tell me- what’s your favorite picture of yourself? I’d love to see them!

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