F Being Skinny and Miserable

I was the queen of starting and stopping.

Start a new program. Gung ho. Super motivated. Buy a cute new workout outfit, maybe new workouts shoes, determined to make this time DIFFERENT than that last. I’d start workouts, start cutting calories because that’s how I lost weight. After a week or two, I felt terrible and deprived, I’d binge and quit.

It would take me weeks, sometimes even months to get back on track.

I was an all or nothing mentality and full of excuses why I couldn’t or shouldn’t.

Once I found other mamas with muscles (mamas who were living healthier and encouraging one another)… I realized:

  1. I could live fit and strong (F being skinny and miserable).
  2. I didn’t have to do this alone. 
  3. I could do this WITH my family getting healthy right along with me.
  4. This is a beautiful and messy journey of learning, making mistakes, falling off, coming back stronger, self discovery & growth. That’s what makes it so beautiful.


Are you an all or nothing personality? Post below and let me know your biggest struggle when it comes to getting healthy!



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