Don’t Love Your Path? Forge a New One.

Ryan and I are traveling this week to Indianapolis. It’s our first time! Any must-sees or dos?

Cienna isn’t a fan of staying behind. She never wants to miss the fun. But this trip is more work than play, mama needs to grow herself so I can grow my skills and impact.

We drew matching hearts so every time she looks down she knows I’m thinking of her and my love for her only multiplies with every new day.

There used to be a time when both Ryan and I left 8hrs a day, 40hrs a week, week after week, month after month. Until she was 4. 

Sure, we travel without the kiddos twice a year {hello mom and dad time} but both Ryan and I are home the other 50 weeks. #everydayAVacation 

We love to travel and experience new places so it’s awesome we aren’t limited to 2 weeks of vacation time anymore, in fact next month we head to the beach as a family.

One day she will know what we’ve built for our family. I hope this a reminder that any time you’re on a path you don’t love, forge a new one. I hope she has the courage to pursue her dreams through her seeing her dad and me do it first.



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