Do You Need a Dang Hobby?

They say you become like those you hang around with most…

I’m one lucky mama!! These women are in my life, every day, empowering me, challenging me, loving on me. We’ve grown into our goals TOGETHER—-through the ebbs and flows of being mom bosses.

They are humble, kind, generous, big-hearted and work hard for their families and their future. Lucky to do life with them!If you think about health/fitness a lot… If you’d love to have a totally awesome FITFAM that’s there to support you & all your sweaty selfies…

If you need a dang hobby outside of “adulting…” and if a weekly paycheck sounds darn good.

If you want more time for the people and things you love, then I’m talking to you!

You & I could be BEST FIT friends!!

I’m looking for 10 women:

  • Who would love to use their social media + a little down time each day to become health & fitness influencers.
  • Who are willing to be BOLD and share their journey out loud.
  • Who see how BEAUTIFUL it can be to give back to other women who want to be healthy, too.
  • Who want a weekly paycheck in return for conquering their own health/fitness goals & helping others do the same.

To be successful in this business you must:

  • Have a PASSION to help others be their best self, and a commitment to being YOUR best self!
  • Have willingness to WORK HARD for your dreams!
  • Certifications, experience, having your dream bod… not required!

ALL training is included, and if you put in the hard work, there is potential to earn a full time income with on YOUR OWN schedule from HOME.

Ready to live life on your own terms and be passionate and fulfilled by your work!?

Email me at and tell me your goals. What is your BIGGEST dream for yourself? What do you want to accomplish in these last 4 months of 2018?


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