Depression. Anxiety. Anger. Trauma.

Fitness saved me from myself.


Fitness empowered me to be the controller of my feelings/ actions/ my reality/ my environment.

It should have been therapy sessions, but at the time I was so resistant to admitting I needed help. One day (on social) an old college bestie invited me to do something unconventional. Something so far outside of what I thought a JOB had to be, that I said NO. It seemed too good to be true. She was happy. She was having fun. She was making an impact in others lives on social.

When I let go of what I thought life should look like—the anxiety, fear and negative thoughts got smaller and quieter. I realized I could live a life that gave me joy and purpose. I could have a career that empowered me to take care of myself first.

Lesson here is don’t be so hardheaded like I was. Don’t be afraid to stand out if it means doing better for you + your health — physical and mental.

Sometimes you find what you’re looking for and need in the most unlikely ways. Just like I did.



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