Change Your MINDSET, Change Your LIFE!

It’s usually not the food that sabotages us but our MINDSET and GUILT that we let take over.

Think about this:
How many times have you had a cookie and had that mentality on the left? Then…it spirals into a “well, might as well just eat more now!” Because of the guilt we associated with it?

I know that has been me wayyyy too many times! But the reality is — what did that one cookie realllly “do?” Not much! 

We give that cookie or other food SO much power over us sometimes! It’s just food! 

What DOES hurt me is when I let my mind believe that ONE cookie or one this or that, totally ruined everything! And then…BOOM…I’m nose-deep in some ice cream, pulling into Speedway for some Krispy Kremes and eating my “guilt” from ONE little cookie!!

I’ve not done that in a LONG, long time and I’m thankful I’ve been able to change my mindset around dieting and food over the years through LOTS of self-help. But I SO wish I would have had access to this nutrition mindset program a longggggg time ago.

BUT I’m SO thankful to be able to offer it to all of you who have followed my binge eating and emotional eating and healthy weight loss journey! It is going to dive into so much of the mindset around food/dieting so you can finally enjoy food you love without the guilt we tend to have around it AND still achieve your goals to maintain for life! No more start and stops! 

This week: I challenge you to try your BEST, if you have a treat, to look at it as delicious, enjoyable and, well, a yummy treat that’s part of your healthy lifestyle! Any negative emotions that pop into your head, turn them into a cloud and let them float away, (seriously visualize that — it works)!

Watch what happens…you might surprise yourself that you were able to STOP after one cookie, piece of cake, whatever it is…for the first time in a long time and actually enjoy the heck out of it and move on continuing to eat healthy all week instead of turning it into an entire week free-for-all.

What is your biggest struggle when it comes to nutrition? Comment below, I want to hear from you!



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