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Do you have reasons? ♥

What if I told you that there was a way that you could stay home with your kids and STILL bring in a significant income from home without missing a beat? What if I took it a step further and told you that you could pay off debt, travel, build a college fund for your… Read more »

5 more weeks til we meet little man!

5 more weeks til we meet little man! My belly is growing by the day, my body is aching more, I’m swelling, but I can still follow my workout routine! Beachbody has made fitness an option for everyone & that is why I’m proud to be a Coach!

Pregnancy Work Out

She hasn’t been fever free for 24hrs so another day home with her daddy & me! She’s such a little mama with muscle! She isn’t feeling well, but still jumps in with mama to workout!

Pregnant 21 Day Fix

Now that we have our c-section scheduled, I got my workout plan ready to go! 2 more rounds of 21 Day Fix which will put me at THE DAY!! How many mamas worked out during their pregnancy?? Share here, you’re my motivation!

Home Workout

I don’t know.. Ppl say they can’t work out at home b/c there are too many distractions. I’ll take these “distractions” any day! All day, every day!