Buff Mama

As a Personal Trainer, I was already involved in bootcamps, lifting and crossfit when this opportunity came along. I wondered how I would intertwine everything together, not only for me, but for my amazing clients.

I figured out early on that inspiring others to get healthy and stay active through the classes I taught or the personal training sessions I brought into clients homes, was very rewarding and came natural to me. I also found it motivating for myself at the same time! As a Trainer, and being involved in so many fitness related things in my everyday life, the pressure to keep up with everything, have the energy to do so, then still be a mom, wife and friend is tough! Beachbody has SO many tools that help not only myself, but these women that I work with daily. I drink Shakeology every single day! It’s my fuel, my breakfast. That’s the most important meal of the day, everybody knows that, even me- but did I eat it? Hardly ever! Shakeology gives me my daily dose of dense nutrition, helps me start my day, and why wouldn’t I share that? Many of my clients now order it as well! It’s really great to have a company like Beachbody to get behind, even as a fitness professional; I have SO many more tools in my tool box, and I am able to reach so many more people! My favorite program to run groups with friends is 21 Day Fix Extreme. It really does simplify their nutrition and allows me to be with my clients every step of the way. Unless I was writing specific meal plans for each and every client, I wouldn’t be able to do that otherwise.

Joining as a Beachbody coach was a great move for me, not only because of my fitness background, and the ability to help more people, but because it’s accelerated what I was already trying to do with training and massage therapy. I was working LONG hours, weekends, holidays. And for what? I sure wasn’t happy, nor fulfilled. I knew there was more for me. I often wondered “what if” and finally took the leap of faith and became a coach. 9 months in I quit my full time massage job to focus on Beachbody and I’m not turning back. Ever. I get to enjoy field trips with my kiddo, I get to pick her up, I get to be home when my husband gets home. That’s been the most beneficial part to me. Being present in the lives that mean the most to me…. We can afford to travel, and did quite a bit this year, without worrying about vacation time, a boss or money to do so. I even got to treat myself to a new car a couple months ago. I would not have been able to do these things, have a savings account and be saving for a dream house without this opportunity. Was it work? Yes! It’s my business! But the reward is helping people, having personal freedoms and so much personal growth. Can’t beat that!

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