A Stay-at-Home Mama with a Calling to Make a Difference

I know this page is fitness focused, but did you know that mamas are turning their fitness into a business? From home? While becoming their healthiest, fittest, most confident selves? And, yeah, I will say it, earning a lucrative income …while bouncing a baby (or two) on their hip, literally!

This stay at home mama to FOUR GIRLS is building one heck of legacy for her family!! Whitney is a stay at home mama whose calling is to make a difference! She has been involved in her community and church as an influencer, now coaching has given her a wider platform to change lives. The reality is business has changed and we can make a difference while making an income while being mama. It doesn’t have to be one or the other anymore.

And just so happens we get to celebrate in Mexico in a few short days on a trip to Cancun we earned for doing what we love! Congrats, Whitney! I am beyond inspired and excited for you and your future! 

If you’re curious to learn more about what we do, join us in our free group starting Monday!



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