Couch Potato to CEO

How did I go from working a desk job, financially stressed and overweight to being the CEO of my own multiple 6-figure health & fitness business from my couch?

Did I get your attention?! I sure hope so!

6yrs ago I hid behind the camera, had no confidence, was overworked and stressed, drowning in debt, getting by but never getting ahead, missing out on my daughter’s milestones, struggling in my marriage… until the day I had enough.

I made a choice to change. I stopped letting life happen to me. And started living with intention.

It started with my own health & fitness. I stopped the diets and embraced a lifestyle: moving my body and fueling it with Whole Foods. As I was sharing my journey I started inspiring & helping others. Just like one person inspired & helped me.

Fast forward 6yrs, we’ve gone all the way to the top in this. I quit my job, retired my husband, paid off all of our debt, are present and get to experience the world with our kids, our marriage is the strongest it’s ever been, I am confident and healthy. Most of all, I help other women and mamas stand in their power & live their best lives.

What if this is exactly what you’ve been looking for? What if this opportunity can change your life as it has ours?

I’m looking to mentor 10 women who are ready to live their best lives. I’m only taking 10 as I will be giving you my time and attention.

Interested? Email me at!



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