5 Tips for Toning Your Tummy

I get asked quite a bit about toning up the midsection … especially after babies. Here are my top 5 tips for getting some muscle definition back in your belly.

  1. Be patient. The journey is never ending. We grew babies in our tummies, most of us for over 9months, give our bodies time to adjust. Our bodies are capable of INCREDIBLE things that take time.
  2. Eat clean. Eating less packaged foods, less sodium and sugar and eating more Whole Foods will help you trim down your waistline.
  3. Hydrate. Our bodies are made up of muscly water so we need water to function. This helps our organs, tissue, muscles, etc. But also signs of Brit hungry could just be a sign of dehydration. Water is good for our skin! 
  4. Find a program that adds in core work. After every 1 minute of HIIT cardio, add in core moves. 10 reps. With a clean diet, moves like this can help define and sculpt your abs. 
  5. Find a support system to help you stay accountable. People on the same path who celebrate you but are also there as a daily reminder to be better! If you need help, email me at daradistel@yahoo.com. 

Which part of your body has been the most difficult for you to tone up? What has worked for you?



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